6 Month Smiles

Get a Noticeably Straighter Smile in Just 6 months!

6 Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that utilizes clear brackets and thin, tooth-colored and wires to straighten your teeth in a matter of just six months.

Unlike conventional braces which may take one to two years, or even more in some cases, the Six Month Smiles system moves your teeth gradually over a short period of time and focuses only on the teeth that show in your smile, rather than trying to correct the position of all your teeth.

Six Month Smiles uses specially designed wires made from nickel titanium to ensure that the treatment is fast and effective. Once your Six Month Smiles braces have been fitted, you should expect to return to our office approximately every four to five weeks for adjustments until you complete your treatment.

Affordable Payments

Receive both cosmetic and general dental services with payments that fit your budget.

Payment options can be used in combination with dental insurance.